Freshmate Ready to Eat Lakhnawi Kabab 275g


Freshmate Ready to Eat Lakhnawi Kabab 275g

Freshmate is your modern chef presenting you a host of selected cuisine from all over the world. Expert cooks prepare these delicacies in accordance with authnetic recipe researched by our food expert, Nasreen. Using the very best and selected natural ingredients these dishes are packed with great care and complete hygiene through a unique retort process without using any preservatives, so that they can retain their freshness and taste for a long time without being refrigerated. Enjoy the wholesome, tasty Freshmate treat.

Dimension: Width:25mm, Height:190mm, Depth:150mm, Weight:700g

Ingredients: minced beef (49%), onion, vegetable oil (soybean and/or canola), yogurt, garlic, ginger papaya, salt,red chillies, cumin, coriander, cardamom, gram flour, clove, black pepper, mace

Storage Condition: Store at room temperature below 30 degrees celcius. Do not use the inner pouch if leaking or appears bloated. Once opened consume immediately or keep in refrigerator.

Energy Cal 540,Protein 33g,Carbohydrates 15g,Sugars 10g,Fat 57g,Fibre 6g

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