Freshmate Malai Boti Creamy Chicken Chunks 150g


Freshmate Malai Boti Creamy Chicken Chunks 150g

Chicken Malai Boti - Chicken pieces are marinated in a cream (malai) based marinade along with spices, to create tender barbecued chicken boti's that all can enjoy. Chicken malai boti's can be eaten as a starter or as part of a main meal with naan, chutney and salad.

Dimension: Width:60mm, Height:180mm, Depth:140mm, Weight:180g

Ingredients: chicken bonelon (pes, cream, papaya, vegetable ol (boyboan andior canola) yegurt ginger, ouric, sell oreen chilles, lamon, whe pepper, oram four, cumin, mece

Storage Condition: Store at room temperature below 30'c/80'f. Do not use the inner pouch ift is leaking or appears bloated. Once opened consume immediately or keep in refrigerator.

Protein 2g,Carbohydrates 16g,Sugars 1g,Fat 24g,Fibre 3g,Sodium 300mg

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