Frapella Joy Sticks Hazelnuts Cream And Bread Sticks 55g


Frapella Joy Sticks Hazelnuts Cream And Bread Sticks 55g

The delicious combination of Hazelnuts Cream And Bread Sticks.Currently present in over 20 countries, we try to develop formulas and new ideas custom made for our customers and their target audiences.Through our one of a kind, state of the art production line, we merge high quality natural ingredients with amazing taste and flavor.Our products are always made with respect and high quality. We believe you will agree once you taste them

Dimension: Width:50mm, Height:700mm, Depth:100mm, Weight:240g

Allergy Advice: nuts, gluten, soy products, milk and milk products

Ingredients: hazelnut cream (39g). Sugar, hazelnut, vegetable oil (cotton oil, sunflower oil), whey der. Skimmed milk powder, emulsifier (soya lecithine), flavours (hazelnut. Vanilin) sticks (16 g) at flour, vegetable oil (palm oil), sugar, salt. Baker's yeast, emulsifier (soy lecithine)

Storage Condition: Please keep in cool and dry place, do not put in refrigerator

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 570kcal,Protein 9.8g,Carbohydrates 32.4g,Fat 46.7g,Fibre 0.36g

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