Fauji Choco Cups Cereals 250g


Fauji Choco Cups Cereals 250g

Fauji Choco Cups filled with choco blast that provides a great delicious taste along with its health benefits. The secret of Fauji Cereals success lies in quality control ensured at every stage of production. Available in 250g pack.Nutritious cereal made with whole grain corn and is fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Dimension: Width:50mm, Height:260mm, Depth:180mm, Weight:280g

Ingredients: corn semolina, malt extract, sugar & salt.

Storage Condition: Once opened, transfer the product into a dry and airtight jar. Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place, away from sunlight.

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 390 kcal,Protein 5.4g,Carbohydrates 85g,Sugars 8g,Fibre 3.58g

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