Familia Body B Forest Berries 325g


Familia Body B Forest Berries 325g

Body Balance Museli with vitamin and minerals, contains 11 key vitamin and the minerals calcium and magnesium.

Dimension: Width:110mm, Height:220mm, Depth:60mm, Weight:360g

Allergy Advice: May contain almonds, hazelnuts pecans cashews sesame

Ingredients: wholemeal oat flakes, soy-wheat flakes (wheat, soy, rawsugar fructose, table salt, barley malt), corn flakes (maize,table salt, barley malt), sugar, cereal crispies (maize, rice, rawsugar wholemeal flour (wheat, ry.E, barley), barley malt.Cocoa powder, table salt), sunflower oil, coconut flakes, flour(wheat, ry.E), freeze-dried berry granulate (sugar, glucoseblueberries and raspberries 0.45 %, Thickener sodiumalginate), honey, skimmed milk powder, magnesium citrate,freeze-dried raspberries 1 %, freeze-dried blackberries 1 % ,calcium citrate, vitamins (c d, e, b1, b2, 86, b12, pantothenicacid, niacin, folic acid, biotin), table salt, flavouring (vanillin)cereals: 61 %, of which whole grain: 61%

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 431kcal,Protein 10g,Carbohydrates 65g,Sugars 19g,Fat 13g,Fibre 7g

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