Eskulin Disney Cinderella Splash Cologne 125ml


Eskulin Disney Cinderella Splash Cologne 125ml

Kids’ world is truly exciting playing and imagining is a natural phase that happens in their development. In kids’ playing and amusement world, we even know positive imaginative character with the theme of gentle, loving, caring, and pretty Princess. Those positive values are known as moral and character that is good to be cultivated as early as possible for the kids’ learning. With Eskulin Kids those positive vibes come through a series of personal care products, from shampoo to body wash filled with popular and favorite kids’ characters. The personal care series come in a unique packaging design with Princess character. During playtime kids learn to clean and protect their bodies with the right products for their age, so they learn to stay clean and be disciplined in controlling the body hygiene.

Dimension: Width:55mm, Height:110mm, Depth:55mm, Weight:120g

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