Dr.Oetker Nona Tarts 450g


Dr.Oetker Nona Tarts 450g

Make a scrumptious pastry that is just the right degree of crumbly and buttery with the Dr. Oetker Nona Tarts mix. This versatile mix lets you make the perfect tarts of your choice - be they pineapple tarts, chocolate tarts, egg tarts, cheese tarts or anything else your heart (and stomach) desires!

Dimension: Width:40mm, Height:175mm, Depth:115mm, Weight:500g

Storage Condition: Keep in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 370kcal,Protein 8.8g,Carbohydrates 80g,Sugars 51g,Fat 1.8g,Sodium 133mg

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