Dingling Electric Appliances Rechargeable BeardHair Trimmer RF-610 Black


Dingling Electric Appliances Rechargeable Beard/Hair Trimmer RF-610 Black

The Ding Ling Rf-610 Professional Hair Clipper Is A Durable And Sharp Adjustable Razor. It Delivers A High Performance Rechargeable Battery, And The Battery Backup Works To Increase The Functionality Of This Device. With The Built In Microprocessor, Users Can Now Regulate The Speed Of The Clipper. It Floats A Precision Steel Blade Which Ensures Constant And Precise Cutting. The Inclusion Of A Cordless Connection Makes It Easy To Use This Device. The Battery Is Highly Efficient And Can Be Charged In Very Little Time

Dimension: Width:75mm, Height:205mm, Depth:140mm, Weight:600g

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