Dairy Omung Dobala Cream 200ml


Dairy Omung Dobala Cream 200ml

Dairy Omung partners with common Pakistani homemakers in their quest to provide the best for their families with an unadulterated, milawat sey paak offering. Dairy Omung is light on the stomach, heek free & 100% dairy. It is a value-for-money brand that can be enjoyed for drinking by children, so mothers have to make no compromise on adulteration-free nutrition.

Dimension: Width:50mm, Height:120mm, Depth:50mm, Weight:200g

Ingredients: vegetable fat, milk fat, milk snf, emulsifiers and stabiliser.

Nutrient Measurement Precision Exact,Energy 272Kcal,Protein 2g,Carbohydrates 3g,Fat 28g

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