Changhong Ruba SDH 18FGi Heat & Cool


◆DC Inverter ◆Breathe air new design◆ Energy saving ◆ Low Voltage Start Up(135V)◆ Soft Start zero Current Impact ◆ Auto clean function ◆ ECO Friendly Regrigerant - R410A Gas◆Smart remote◆ Smart Wifi◆ Comfortable 4D airflow ◆Upgrad Green filte◆10Year

◆Bigger Indoor unit (1025mm)◆1200m³/H Air volumn◆Golden fin evaporator and condenser◆ Double layer Condenser φ7mm Coopper◆ C-Shape Evatorator◆100% Connecting Coopper pipe◆High Efficient of Toshiba compressor◆ Megmeet control technology inside of PCB◆Independent Transformer◆Electronically controlled expansion valve◆Single Wifi Module◆4D airflow step motor

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