Audionic Cinematic 5.1 channel Pace 8 Black


Audionic Cinematic 5.1 channel Pace 8 Black

Cinematic ExperienceGetting bored at home and craving some entertainment? Audionic Pace 8 home theater system will fit right into your living room. It is the ultimate entertainment center of your dreams!Home Theater SystemThe 5.1 channel speaker has a hi-density sub-woofer, capable of providing a high class bass output. With five 3? satellites and an 8? subwoofer, Pace 8 has an extremely impressive enhanced audio projection. It is supported with USB port, AUX input, TF card, built-in FM Radio and wireless remote control. The combination of these features makes astonishing sound quality possible. It gives you the surround sound you deserve.

Dimension: Width:425mm, Height:380mm, Depth:530mm, Weight:11720g

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