Ahmed Karachi Halva 275g


Ahmed Karachi Halva 275g

A sweet made with cornflour and ghee, Karachi Halwa is a delicious dessert to be enjoyed on special occasions like Eid and Diwali!

Dimension: Width:85mm, Height:60mm, Depth:85mm, Weight:340g

Ingredients: per serving 50 g per 100 par porton 50 g par 100 873.5 K 1747 k 208 kcal 416 kca junour typical value calories / calories 208 energy /energie %21% naje, anbid fat/ lipides 7,5 g saturated / satures 1.3 G trans/trans 2g cholesterol / cholesterol 0 mg fat / lipides of which saturates /de lequel saturer 1.5G carbohydrates/gludades of which sugars/de lequel sucres 29 fibre / fibre sodium / sodium 0 mg carbohydrate i glucides 359 fibre / fibres 0g sugars / sucres 29 g protein / proteines 0.1G 60 protein / proteines salt / sel vitamin a/vitamine a vitamin c/ vitamine c calcium/calcium 50 iron /fer daily value ae based

Storage Condition: Keep in a cool and dry place.

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