Activade Lemon Lime Sports Drink 500ml


Activade Lemon Lime Sports Drink 500ml

ACTIVADE helps replace water, electrolytes and energy after training or a dehydrating day. It is scientific formulation to help replace loss fluids and electrolytes to promote hydration and carbs to refuel working muscles. ACTIVADE‘S customers are people who adopt an active lifestyle thru exercise in gyms , health clubs , outdoor and indoor sports.

Dimension: Width:50mm, Height:200mm, Depth:60mm, Weight:540g

Ingredients: wate citric acid , lemon flavor , potneglum sor ascorbic aclo vitamin c ) . " Citrate , gum arabic , es nis : water , sugar , dextrose , 10 . Berry blue natural flavors . Sium sorbate , sodium citrate ,(ascorbic vitamin c ) ,potassium citrate , ester gum, blue 1.

Storage Condition: Store in a cool and dry place.

Nutrient Measurement Precision Exact,Energy 60Cal,Protein 0mg,Carbohydrates 15g,Sugars 15g,Fat 0g,Sodium 125mg

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