7Up Free 250ml Can


7Up Free 250ml Can

you are planning to reduce the consumption of sugar. However, its hard for you to control your thirst for refreshing 7up then, 7up sugar-free is the ultimate solution to your needs. 7UP Sugar-free comes with zero calories which ensures that your thirst is satisfied without increasing your calories. Features and Benefits Zero-calorie carbonated drink which keeps your health and thirst in balance Non-caffeinated soft drink Allows you to beat the heat and rejuvenate your mind

Dimension: Width:25mm, Height:125mm, Depth:40mm, Weight:260g

Ingredients: carbonated water, natural flavour, citric acid, malic acid, sodium citrate, sweeteners, sodium benzoate.

Storage Condition: Store in cool and dry place

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 0kcal,Protein 0g,Carbohydrates 0g,Sugars 0g,Fat 0g,Sodium 45mg

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