Nivea Men UV Fairness Creme 75ml


Nivea Men UV Fairness Creme 75ml

NIVEA MEN CREME puts back moisture into the skin in just a few seconds and prevents it from drying out again, leaving nothing but well moisturized skin. NIVEA MEN CREME has been developed especially for extra fast absorption by men’s skin. The cream is light, non-greasy and soaks in fully within seconds. With its effective vitamin E formula and pleasant, masculine-fresh scent, it is ideal for face, hands, elbows etc. – anywhere the skin can dry out. Cares and hydrates the skin and prevents it from drying out. Non-greasy, non-sticky and absorbs quickly. Suitable for face, body, hands.

Dimension: Width:80mm, Height:20mm, Depth:80mm, Weight:90g

Storage Condition: Keep in dry and cool place.

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