Hair Brush 9702 Black


Hair Brush 9702 Black

The Speed Dry brush by Wet Brush! - Our first and only hair brush for blow drying! This hair brush, made of top quality materials will detangle your hair while blowing it dry at the same time. Our brush has been specifically designed with a curved head to match the scalp, making it the most comfortable, contemporary and effective blow dry brush ever! The Speed Dry will leave you with gorgeous, healthy, tangle-free locks in minutes. Start using our brush to see why professional stylists worldwide are falling in love with this newest offering from Wet Brush. It is quickly becoming their heat resistant salon brush of choice! And men are loving it just as much as the women! The way it contours to the scalp is like no other hair brushes they have ever experienced. Although great for blow drying wet hair, this brush performs beautifully on dry hair as well. The Speed Dry detangling brush is a revolutionary product and part of the next generation of hair styling tools.

Dimension: Width:30mm, Height:20mm, Depth:120mm, Weight:80g

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