My Cook Deep Green Food Color 25g


My Cook Deep Green Food Color 25g

Deep Green color powder gives an intense dark green color use this color in preparation of jellies, Tutti Frutti Candied and all sweet meats that need deep green colorFOR BEST RESULTS Dissolve 9gm of powder in 1 Ltr. Hot water If color separates on cooling, warm it slightly DO NOT MORE THAN 20 ML OF SOLUTION PER KG OF OTHER INGREDIENTS THIS SOLUTION CONTAINS 30.6 MG PER (E102) AND 1.6 MG PER (E133). DO NOT ADD DRY POWDER DIRECTLY TO FOOD THESE INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED AND ALWAYS CHECK THE LEGAL LIMITS

Dimension: Width:30mm, Height:40mm, Depth:30mm, Weight:40g

Ingredients: tartrazine (e102) brilliant blue (e133), salt, diluent. Cino. 19140 42090

Storage Condition: Store in cool and dry place

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