Pedigree Mini Grilled Liver Flavour Adult Dog Food 1.3kg


Pedigree Mini Grilled Liver Flavour Adult Dog Food 1.3kg

At the PEDIGREE® brand, everything we do is for the love or dogs. That's why we develop recipes based on research from the Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition to provide dogs With healthy skin & coat, strong bones & teeth, firm stool quality. strong muscles and cheerfulness. The 5 SIGNS OF GOOD HEALTHT. We understand that the needs of small dogs are different given their unique physical composition. That's why they demand unique needs. PEDIGREE Mini contains an optimal blend of Omega 6 + healthier shiner coat, visible within 6 weeks and with 23 essential vitamins & mineral to help your dog live a healthy life Zinc to promote PEDIGREE Mini is also made with smaller kibble size and crunchy Meaty POCKETS"with real meat flavor inside for a tasty meal.

Dimension: Width:200mm, Height:330mm, Depth:80mm, Weight:1340g

Ingredients: cereals (corn, wheat), poultry and poultry by products, soybean products (soy bean meal, full fat soy bean), oils (chicken palm,) minerals, flavours, vitamins, methionine, food colouring preservatives.

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